BCT 8 Inch 100 lb Stainless Steel Cable Ties - Bag of 100 - Zip Ties - Y8SST

Heavy duty ties are perfect for construction, manufacturing, heavy cable work, or larger sized projects. Never get caught without a zip tie again!

8" 100LB Stainless Steel Cable Ties (Metal Cable Ties) - 100 per bag

These stainless steel cable ties are ideal for use in harsh, corrosive, and salt-water environments, chemical and radiation exposure, food processing and for vibrating equipment. They feature an industry standard Type 304- Lock ball style.
They are solid state self-locking stainless steel cable ties that are engineered for safety 1st, productivity and durability by providing rounded edges and smooth surfaces, easy threading and the highest loop tensile strength in the industry. Coated ties offer additional protection and separation of dissimilar metals for improved corrosion resistance in commercial applications such as:

  • oil refineries
  • securing to cable trays in marine and offshore environments
  • ships
  • submarines
  • chemcial plants
  • industrial facilities
  • to hold pipe insulation
  • automotive aplications for trucks and cars
  • to secure rubber tubes & hoses
  • secure heat shields on aircraft and such
  • railway
  • power
  • communication lines
  • cable identification on cell towers
  • mining pipes
  • water treatment facilities
  • valve identification
  • sign and signal mounting
  • bundling fiber optic cables
  • These have the lowest cost of ownership when broken down into their expected lifespan of 20+ years.
  • This item may not be made in the USA
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$ 74.95

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